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Hope Found in Jesus

Burdened, alone, and confused, Bertania walked into the Clinic of Hope with tears streaming down her face. At a young age, she had just lived through a nightmare. After tests at the clinic, she discovered she was pregnant. Facing an unbearable situation, she felt despair and no longer wanted to live. 

Miss Anita, one of the Clinic of Hope staff, sat with Bertania and empathized with her. She shared how valuable Bertania's life is, as well as the life she was now carrying. Bertania wept, but she was listening. After she left, Miss Anita prayed that the Lord would speak to Bertania, comfort her, and give her courage.

The next day, Bertania came back with questions. “Do you have children?” she asked Miss Anita, who happily pulled out photos and shared stories about her kids, and how God had provided for them. Bertania soaked in the hope that Miss Anita proclaimed. 

Because of Miss Anita and the Clinic of Hope, Bertania was reminded of her value, her baby’s value, and the hope they both had for the future because of Jesus. Bertania's demeanor transformed in front of Anita as she chose life—for herself and her baby. 

When you give to Mission of Hope, you are equipping ministries just like the Clinic of Hope to share the hope found in Jesus. From the Technical School, to the School of Hope, to the Prosthetics Lab, to the Grace House, to the Farm School, to the Medical Mobile Clinics, and our many other ministries, our local staff are bringing hope to people like Bertania every day. Will you please invest in this important work so that more lives can be transformed by the hope found in Jesus?