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One of these things is not like the others…

It isn’t hard to spot happy and healthy children. It is evident in their silly smiles and goofy eyes. Their energy and joy can be so contagious. But when a child is sick, the eyes and body language change the story.
A few weeks ago, I went to Haiti for a short trip and captured this picture, not realizing that my friend Evenson, in the Uncle Bill’s t-shirt, was so ill. I tried to ask him questions but he was very lethargic and itching constantly. 

Thankfully, Mission of Hope has an incredible facility that can care forEvenson’s needs. His mother wasn’t home to allow us to take him to the clinic, so he had to wait a few more days to get the help he needed. I don’t believe she was intentionally neglecting her son, but rather was forced to choose between spending what little money she had to get her son to the clinic or to give him food. 
What are the compromises for a mom in that situation? I often ask myself what I would give up if faced with this harsh reality. What would you give up if you or someone you loved were hungry?

I’d give up _____________ so my child could have food.

What words would we use to fill in the blank?

Most of us have never had to face a decision like that. But many of the moms in Haiti have given up so many other things that are not listed. Evenson’s mom may be at the end of her list. The reality is that 3.7 million people in Haiti are uncertain where they will find their next meal. If I were to guess, I’d say most ofthose are mothers and children. That seems unfathomable, but we have a solution. 

We know that about $10 a month provides daily meals for one child each month. Over 95,000 kids are receiving a nutritious meal every day thanks to Team Hope. Their moms don’t have to consider extreme compromises just to feed their kids. Team Hope is truly saving moms from having to make choices of last resort. It is also saving a generation of future leaders who will change the trajectory of their country.
We are pleased to report that Evenson was recently treated by a doctor at the Clinic of Hope and is on the road to recovery. He will soon be one of those kids with the silly smile again. 

Thank you for investing in moms just like Evenson’s. Your gifts and your prayers are making an incredible difference in their lives and in the lives of their children.

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