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Stories of Hope | Sports Complex and Fire Rebuild

The Haiti Sports Complex has been buzzing with excitement this spring. “Lig Lespwa” or “League of Hope” officially started with basketball and soccer. Our Haitian sports ministry team chose the name to highlight that while our athletes are continuing to grow in their athletic abilities, they are also learning about our Audience of One: Jesus Christ and the hope that He offers.

First, the coaches are trained on how to coach with the attitude of Christ. If our desire is for the athletes to pursue Christ, then they need to see an example of their coaches and mentors leading the way. After coaches are trained, the athletic teams have weekly practices and games. There is devotion time at every practice and game to teach athletes about the character of God. They also learn how to live a life in relationship with Christ—on and off the field. 

Lig Lespwa consists of players from schools and churches. It greatly encouraged our team when leaders from several of the churches said that because of sports, they have young people who are regularly coming back to their churches, repeatedly hearing the gospel, building Christ-centered community, and having a front row seat to life transformation. 

The primary goal of the Haiti Sports Complex is to teach the athletes how to pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ on and off the field. At the end of the day, everything is for His glory! Please continue to pray that many young athletes grow in their love of Jesus and commit to follow Him. 

lig lespwa

Zorada and Napoleon grieved as their home went up in flames. They lost absolutely everything—their home, furniture, and clothing—they were devastated and completely baffled at what to do next.

house fire

Zorada and Napoleon are a Dominican couple, living very closely to Pastor Diony’s church in the Dominican Republic. Pastor Diony and the majority of his congregation are Haitian. In the Dominican Republic, it’s normal to experience division between Haitians and Dominicans. Even within churches, it’s common to see each culture keep to themselves. But not this church. Immediately when they saw the house engulfed in flames, they knew that they were positioned by God to be His hands and feet and to serve them in their time of need.

Within a matter of days, funds were raised by generous donors all throughout the network of our Mission of Hope community whose hearts were moved to help. Construction started on their home the very next week after it had burned. Pastor Diony and several of his church members have volunteered their time over the past couple of weeks to help rebuild Zorada and Napoleon’s home.

Eyes brimming with tears, Napoleon said, “This reminds me so much of how united we really are. We are brothers and sisters.” What an incredible picture of unity, sacrifice, and the church being the church.

inside home