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Team Hope Turns One

Have you ever been so hungry you couldn’t focus? For millions (yes, MILLIONS) of children in Haiti, this is normal.  There are an estimated 4.1 million Haitians living in a state of food insecurity. Let that sink in... 

4.1 million people

Numbers like these can be so overwhelming but what if you could help one child? Then it would be 4.1 million MINUS ONE. What if one by one, we each stood up and said, “I can help one.” 

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One year ago, we launched Team Hope, a team of people committed to meeting the most critical needs. Because of generous Team Hope supporters, 6,756 additional students in Haiti are receiving a nutritious meal at school each day. Because of Team Hope, these kids are no longer on the Nutrition Program waitlist, and they don’t have to wonder where they will find their next meal. 

We know times are tough and uncertainty is high. I would personally ask you to pray about helping one of these children, or more than one, if you can. Making a financial commitment right now may require faith, but we know that God will supply every need. If every one of us was able to help one child, imagine what we could do together!
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