Mission of Hope

Levels of Transformation

Let's Change a Nation Together

Imagine one million lives being transformed in Haiti every year: a million healthy people being served by medical clinics and having access to clean water and nutritious food; healthy churches in villages around the country sharing the good news of Jesus and meeting their neighbors’ needs; business men and women being mentored to shape a healthy economy; kids flourishing as they attend healthy schools.

We have a goal of bringing this kind of life transformation to one million people annually by 2020. Our committed partners are absolutely essential in reaching this goal—you who pray, you who go, you who give—you are essential and deeply needed.

Our Levels of Transformation, or LOFT, program helps you better understand the kind of impact your giving can have in Haiti. You have the opportunity to literally help change a community, a region, and a nation in tangible and lasting ways.

Will you please consider becoming a LOFT giver today? Simply choose your level of impact, and then set up a one-time, monthly, quarterly, or annual gift. Thank you so much for helping provide hope for a better future for the people of Haiti!

Community Changer


$500-$4,999 Annually

Region Changer


$5,000-$24,999 Annually

Nation Changer


$25,000+ Annually