Mission of Hope

Meet Our Staff

Executive Team

Brad Johnson


Bob King

Chief Operating Officer

Marc Jean Lubin

Executive Director

Otis Garrison

Vice President

Operations Leadership Team

Annette Boorman

Vice President, U.S. Operations

Lookens Pickering

Executive Director Assistant, Village of Hope, Clinic, HaitiOne

Austin Holmes

Chief Operating Officer BHM

Wantously Nicolas

Team Lead, Site Management, Security & Vehicle Maintenance

Jay Richardson

VP of Partner Engagement

Dennis Harrison

Chief Financial Officer

Drew Garrison

Vice President of Ministry

Péniel Dafinice

Chief Accountant

Joshawa Hodges

Vice President of Program Management Office

Rick White

Director of Church Partnerships

Samuel Lucien

General Administrator of FOME

Leadership Staff

Denny Henderson

Regional Development Officer

Marie France Angrand

Guest House Coordinator

Doug Barker

Regional Director of Church Partnerships

Cius Berthide

Leveque Village Champion

Olkine Bienaime

Church Advancement Expansion Coordinator

Roselaure Bienaime

Source Matelas Village Champion

Jean Auguste Celestin

Simonette Village Champion

Laforet Jean Cerdieu Fils

Education General Director – Titanyen

Rose Bertha Champy

Church of Hope Secretary

Nickson Constant

Labodrie Village Champion

Jean Jacques Dorelus

Church Advancement Director

Rachel Durban

Creative Director

Pierre Fautil

Security Supervisor

Amos Fils-aime

Cabaret Village Champion

Thimagene Jean Francois

Leveque Village Champion

Elien Frenel

Simonette Village Champion

Orlkine Georges

Minoterie Village Champion

Junior Gerard

Church Advancement Translator

Derek Hanni

Church Advancement Coordinator

Canier Hir

Maintenance Supervisor

Pierre Charles Huguens

Cabaret Village Champion

Marie Suze M. Jacque Cena

Bercy Kindergarten Principal

Amanda Johnson

Mobilization Hospitality Director

Matt Johnson

Director of Mobilization Operations, Haiti

Louissaint Joseph

Williamson Village Champion

Leon Diefet Joseph

Turpin Village Champion

Jacques Beaufils Joseph

Simonette Village Champion

Guetchine Joseph

Translator Coordinator

Mary Magdaline Jovin Dunelis

Village of Hope Supervisor

Eugene Melchior Kedesh

Cabaret Village Champion

Guerlande Leonce

Guest House Assistant

Louis Lonies

Church of Hope Leveque Campus Pastor

Fritznel Loresmy

Source Matelas Village Champion

Pierre Louiner

Church of Hope Music Director

Hagab Pierre Louis

Williamson Village Champion

Reginald Louis

IT Coordinator

Dr. Alix Luc

Clinic of Hope and Mobile Medical Clinic Doctor

Jules Marcaisse

Labodrie Village Champion

Rosnic Mondésir

Logistics Assistant

Simson Morency

Airport Coordinator

Arilaire Pierre

Minoterie Village Champion

Mirlande Preval

Leveque School Principal

Herlo Honorat Samuel V

Source Matelas Village Champion

Olgues St. Fort

Education General Impactor

Josue St Julien

Leveque Village Champion

Wilner Vales

Turpin Village Champion

Miss Severe Virdite

Community Health RN

Junior Charles Wilfrid

Bercy Village Champion

Osee Yves

Bercy Village Champion

Francky Zamor

Church Advancement Translator

Paige Fleming

Church Advancement Projects Coordinator

Courtney Johnson

Director of True North

Will McMorris

Construction Coordinator

Angela Bigard

hope.market Coordinator

Shannon McCulloch

Medical Outreach Coordinator

Lauren Raschke

Mobile Medical Coordinator

TJ Heitz

Assistant Mobilization Director

Austin Oberlag

Mobilization Campus Director

Jake Sanders

Capital Assets Coordinator/ First Mate

Dr. Wilkinson Guillaume, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Pierre Evens Mondesir, MD

Site Doctor

Flore-Anne Luxama Jean

Education Superintendent

David Fikes

Director of Corporate Development

Erin Fonner

Director of Marketing & Communications

Vena Destiné André

Mobilization Hospitality Assistant

Occean Stravingsky

Assistant Airport Coordinator

Wilkens Sanon

Mobilization Assistant Coordinator

Kristen Kubik

Medical Coordinator

Jeremy Hunt

Videographer & Church Advancement Coordinator

Kristen Hunt

Director of North American Medical Operations

Annie McMorris

Church Advancement and Media Assistant

Carline Pierre

Church Advancement Engineer

Freguens Orisme

Titanyen Village Champion

Garmonov (Gary) Baptiste

MOPs Coordinator

Jennifer Lemke

Business Liaison

Markie Dryer

Sponsorship Liaison

Frantz Mesidor

Village of Hope Director

Vanessa Johnson

Director of Woman's Empowerment

Ruben Cenea

Director of Housing Development

Amy Cenea

Sponsorship Coordinator

John Short

Regional Development Director

Board of Directors

Larry Lance

Board of Directors

Jeff Gearhart

Board of Directors

Gary Baldwin

Board of Directors

Charles Dishinger

Board of Directors

John Matthews

Board of Directors

Kevin Robbins

Board of Directors

Steve Yates

Board of Directors